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Our Mission

At Grace Baptist Church we exist to Know God and Make God Known.

We seek to accomplish this through effective up-reach, in-reach, and outreach. So that everyone in Shelbiana can explore, expand, and excel in their faith.

Grace Baptist Church is a member of the Pike Association of Southern Baptists, the Kentucky Baptist Convention

and the Southern Baptist Convention



Our Beliefs

Grace Baptist Church has a strong, conservative theological background, holding firmly to the One True God of the Bible, which is His Holy and inerrant Word to man.  His only Son, Jesus Christ, was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, was crucified, buried, and arose three days later, shedding His blood as the atoning sacrifice for the sin of man, for the salvation of any who would accept this is truth, and surrender to His Lordship.  This salvation cannot be earned, but rather is a free gift of grace, available by faith in Jesus Christ alone.  Just as Salvation cannot be earned by our good works, neither can it be lost. We believe that the Bible supports the belief that those who are saved should be then followed into baptism by immersion, and should join fellowship with the church, and partner together to continue Jesus'command to "go and make disciples".

Visit the Southern Baptist Convention for a more detailed explanation of these and other closely held beliefs. 

Want to learn more about how you can Know God? Click below.


Our History

In 1941, under the direction of William E. Justice and Walter Brown, a Sunday School was started in East Shelbiana, KY. This Sunday School continued to grow and on January 5, 1947, the Grace Baptist Church was established. What started as a small church with only sixteen members has grown into a thriving fellowship. 


Know God.
Make God Known.

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